A limo in Newcastle




Would you like to treat yourself with an unforgettable experience of riding inside a luxury Limo?

Would you like your special life partner to remember the wedding day forever?

If you have answered yes to the above questions and are eager for many unforgettable moments on your wedding day, than Newcastle wedding Limo service is the best solution for you.

Nothing in this world can match the luxury provided by a limo ride and given our professionally trained and attired Chauffeur with that, we are sure that you would love the time spent in the limo. While you travel with us, we will not leave any stone unturned to make it a memorable and luxurious moment for you which would definitely make you and your special day something to be cherished forever.

A wedding day is one of the most awaited and happiest days of one’s life. We all know how the different travel plans prove to be disturbing on the wedding day or days when you plan any outing as you come across flight delays, roadblocks, and traffic chaos and so on. The wedding days has to be completely peaceful and enjoyable experience and if you get a wedding gift of the caliber of a “limo ride”, than you arenot going to have any stress at all. This is where the Newcastle wedding limo service comes into action as we take care of all your travel arrangements for a wonderful experience.

The limo service we provide to our customers is a heavenly luxury as 18 people can comfortably sit inside it in some style with complete safety and an excellent comfort. We can reach you wherever and any time of the given day you would like us to be to ensure a smooth and calm journey. Your wedding day is an enormous event encompassing a lot of strain from all the tasks to be done by you and your family and Newcastle wedding limo service would like to appreciate you by providing a stress free luxurious and stylish ride.

On top of that, our service has made some special plans to accommodate any last minute bookings on a very special fare as we are well aware that emergencies can come any time unwanted. This will make sure that in case you opt for our wedding limo ride service after a few days of wedding than you can easily contact us anytime of the day and we assure of a timely and punctual delivery at your doorstep.

We at Newcastle wedding limo services strive to exceed expectations for excellence in the field of customer service which is very much cost effective along with a very diligent and professional care to our customers. Once you decide to contact us, you will be delighted to know our personalized packages for your wedding day as we have all the arrangements for transportation of any number of people on your wedding day.

At last but not the least, if you would love to add that special ingredient of sweet memory to your wedding day, kindly get in contact with us as soon as you decide to get married with someone special to enjoy your day and make it absolutely memorable for everyone including yourself. We will whole heartedly make sure that your wedding day goes off very well and you cherish that forever.

Becoming a Chauffeur

chauffeur-white stretch

To become a chauffeur in the UK, you have 2 choices and as in lots of professions, it is a choice of being self employed or employed. Being self employed is more involved as you will need a limo, either you buy one or lease one. And the normal questions on whether you want a steady job with a defined income or you want to risk it and try and earn a lot more.

So the self employed role, will mean you have to start your own limo company and it will involve a reasonable amount of cash, as you are going to need a limo, so you may consider a slightly older one to keep your initial costs down while you start your business. And get those clients in as fast as you can. The other big costs are licensing, insurance, salaries, limo maintenance and marketing, either through a website or advertising or preferably both. There are some great gains to be made by having a website and getting in leads that way, the website itself is not as important as your ranking in the search engines. So that is something you need to focus on, because without leads and clients, your business is just a large cost base.


You need to get in touch with your closest taxi licensing authority and finding out what you have to do and that initially will be to to get a private hire licence. And you will find out what type and age of limo you are allowed to use. And you will need a medical examination and a criminal background check, to ensure you are not a criminal.

Is this a mans job? Well it always used to be, but clearly it doesn’t have to be, as many women are very good drivers, as many men are very bad drivers. The important thing is your ability to work the unsocial hours and often at short notice, its all dependant on what the client wants to do and when.

Be prepared to get to know your local airports and local restaurants (fast food). And you will get to meet a lot of interesting people and some big names no doubt, which would make the job a little more interesting for you.

It could be a great job for you if you are polite, have great customer service, and are flexible. You have to be very smart, punctual, caring and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to serve your client. Excellent personal hygiene is key as is being smart, a ht and gloves isn’t always necessary these days, but some clients do prefer this.

Some clients have specific needs that need to be addressed or they will go elsewhere as they are paying, they need to be happy with the service. So maybe a coffee or newspaper or magazine is a good idea. And if you become liked, often a reward comes your way.

Always greet your client with some pleasantries but then let them get comfortable in silence, if they want to talk they will, do not engage them in conversation. They will want to catch up on emails, calls or reading, so don’t want you talking at them.

It is key you arrive early to pick them up and deliver them on time at their destination, they CANNOT be late.

Your limo must be clean and tidy, odourless and an oasis…

Follow these simple tips and you will have a great career driving lovely limousines around.